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Our major customers have been with us for over a decade.
David Heinemeier Hansson

The best way to predict the future is to implement it.

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LogiNet was born as an idea of two freshly graduated software engineers over the first few garage-made web applications back in 2007, followed by the official establishment of the company in 2008. Since then, we've built our team of over ninety excellent professionals, including software developers, project managers, consultants and designers; we've managed to double our revenue every two years; and we've gained unique experience in e-commerce through successful developments created for our large corporate partners.
The secret to our success hasn't changed over the years: our company is large enough to deliver quality software on time and on budget, yet small enough to be flexible and bold in meeting new challenges.
We don't just work to satisfy our customers. We want to delight our partners with our services. That's why we don't just deliver customized software. We ensure competitive advantage by sharing with our partners our market experience, perspective, methodology and digitization logic that can help them succeed and develop in this field.
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Numbers don't tell you much about the quality of a collaboration, but they can be a powerful indicator of the level of impact we're having.
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Our years of development experience enable us to find the ideal digital solution for even the most complex business issues. Based on a comprehensive business needs assessment by our consulting and UX consulting team, we recommend an e-commerce solution for your business that best fits your operations. With our comprehensive solutions, we will continue to support your business growth into the future.
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Interested in joining our team? Visit our career portal to explore job opportunities in both the technological and business sectors at LogiNet.

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